About us

Founder & Chairman

S.Abdul Samad started selling homemade chicken biryani & chicken 65 from a small road side stall in broadway, Chennai. His hard work, perseverance and passion helped to stabilise his business increased in volume steadily over the years. What’s the secret to his taste recipes? It is his mother’s secret receipe which he cherishes to this day. This business was later conducted under the name and style of SS Hyderabad Biryani Pvt Ltd - a brand name which is very popular amongst all biryani lovers. The first eatery was started on a small scale in 1998 in Perambur with a seating capacity of 8. This eatery was so popular and led the way for starting a series of branches all over city.

THIS IS THE BOUNTY OF MY ALLAH,   Glory to him the Unique One, Creator of the Universe, (Allah)

SS Bucket Biryani

A unique speciality of this biryani eatery is their bucket biryani - between 4 to 5 persons as Super Pack, and 8 to 9 persons as Standard pack. Bucket biryani is a wholesome meal for not only the entire family but also when there are about 50 to 60 guests for a small celebration. Flavourful, delicious, hot biryani is served with brinjal curry, eggs, onion raitha and chicken 65. This wholesome meal is economical too and very popular with the ardent biryani lovers.

“Pack Your Favorite Taste To Your Favorite Spot”